Grad School Asia

We are a boutique education and training provider with a speciality on people management and leadership. We aim to upskill our students with practical knowledge, sharing on the HOW and the art of delivery.
We pride ourselves in our solid, innovative and practical teachings; Design thinking is a powerful approach to introduce more innovative, customer-centric, and agile thinking into organisations.
Additionally, our collaborations and partnerships with renowned international industry bodies ensure the delivery with exceptional values. EDUK8U Grad School Asia is the academic partner to renowned international industry bodies such as SHRM, IAM UK, CompTIA, NOCN UK and Genovasi University College.



  • To bring international quality and innovative education and training to Malaysia and beyond.
  • To provide our students to be work ready and be prepared for IR4.0
  • To ensure our lecturers/facilitators are current industry experts to deliver applicable practices.