How HRBP Leads To Leadership Development

A critical look into today's business landscape will show how it is being shaped by technological innovations and intense competition.

Pursuing a Career as an HRBP: What You Need to Know

If you are passionate about getting involved in human resource management in Malaysia, especially as a business consultant or helping a business unit in personnel development and strategic planning to achieve business objectives, then you should consider becoming a human resource business partner (HRBP).

Integrating HRBP knowledge with organizational strategy

One of the major determinants of organizational performance and productivity revolves around talent management. This earns HR, at the strategic table, the capacity to contribute to an  organization's successful strategy  and financial base expansion. However, this requires that organizations align their strategic approach with the human resources - employees, skills, and abilities - towards achieving their business goals. 

Building Resilience Through HR

Life comes with many challenges that might be inevitable. Sometimes these challenges overwhelm us and we think of giving up. However, with great resilience, one could be able to scale through the hurdles. Just like life, there are certain issues that can impact the emotional wellbeing of an organization’s workforce. Usually, when such issues are not well-managed, they can escalate further and result in decreased motivation and productivity.

What Constitutes a Great Employee Total Rewards Package?

The transformation that has occurred in the workforce industry within the past few years has revealed that salary and benefits are no longer enough to constitute the total rewards package of employees.

How to be a Solid HR Business Partner

Human resource management in Malaysia continues to take different turns in the service delivery of the HR department. With the expectations of Hr roles to include increased value, the role of a solid business partner is more important than ever. Consider the numerous benefits that accrue to the utilization of people by business managers to increase employee productivity and organizational profitability. The value of the HR business partner exceeds focusing on the strategic side of the business.

Leveraging People-Related Data in HR Decision Making

Data has become the next big thing in every industry, and the reason behind its current position cannot be discounted. Insights yielded by data obtained can help to make informed decisions, especially as they concern human resource management.

HR Career Tips: 10 Best Pieces of Career Advice From HR Professionals

To help you with your career path, we asked business leaders and HR experts this question for their best advice. From active listening to working on relationships, there are several tips that may help you be successful in your future career endeavors.

Press Release

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 12 April 2021 – EDUK8U Grad School Asia becomes the first and only institution awarding an IAM certification in the entire Malaysia. Its Executive Master of Business Administration has been accredited by the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) UK after only three years of operation. This is a grand achievement for the Grad School as students undertaking this course will gain an internationally-recognized double certification.

How to deal with your bad boss

There is a common assumption that millennial employees are “job-hoppers” that are quick to change jobs within a short time, in search of greener pastures or to advance their careers. What many people fail to do is to investigate the real circumstances that surround every employee’s decision to quit a job.

The Importance of Succession Planning to Business and Future Workforce Talent

The saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” If you are in charge of an organization whose economy is blossoming and the performance of the workforce is up to par, you may be immersed in the bright financial future of the organization. Due to this, you may have forgotten to think about what will happen if you are no longer available. This is where succession planning comes in and is an essential part of an HR strategy in terms of career development.

Daily Actions That Set The Tone For Workplace Culture

Whosoever has spent a reasonable amount of time in a leadership position will come to terms with the importance of positive culture in improving organizational productivity. Managers who also double as leaders are at the heart of instilling these values. This is because the features and skills of leaders tend to impact the organization, either positively or negatively, depending on the tone of the culture.

Why You Should Help Exiting Employees Reskill and Upskill

As the global world continues to change rapidly, its impact on business activities is being felt. While the shelf life of some skills is gradually fading, the shift to a new operational model has led to the introduction of new skills. We have the crisis of 2020 to thank for a restructure in organizational aptitude and essential employees.

Employee Value Proposition: Enhancing Value for Company and Employees

Research indicates that a majority of millennials are on the lookout for new positions. Usually, compensation and benefits are used to determine whether or not an employee will remain in a company. However, this seems to no longer work, especially with the current diverse workforce, majorly constituted by millennials. They now seek a “total reward package” from their employers. This is regarded as the Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

Minimizing Workplace Negativity to Improve Productivity

Nothing drains the morale of an employee faster than an environment that is characterized by consistent negativity. Apart from sapping their energies, it also makes employees unwilling to assume new roles and responsibilities, thus making their creative and innovative capacity to suffer.

Working From Home Increased Productivity: A Reality or Fallacy

It is no longer news that the COVID-19 pandemic shattered work-life across the globe, with workers having to work from their homes. Jobs that were thought to be impossible to do remotely also got affected. The transition from office working to remote working did not go easy with a number of companies, especially those that are not technologically savvy. Only a few companies were able to put the pieces together in surprising ways.

The Other Side of Staff Aptitude

Many articles, journals, and other writings have been written to exonerate employees from their decisions to quit their jobs. This article tends to deviate from the bandwagon, or rather, the consensus. Aside from lack of trust, respect, and support, poor welfare conditions, lack of compensation or appreciation, lack of advancement or growth opportunities, feeling of underutilization, poor management, poor communication, feeling overworked or overstressed, unhealthy work environment, disparity between personal or professional goals and organization’s values, certain life changes in terms of geographical location and relationship, among others.

Before you fire, Enquire!

“Where a workman, irrespective of whether he is a member of a trade union of workmen or otherwise, considers that he has been dismissed without just cause or excuse by his employer, he may make representations in writing to the Director General to be reinstated in his former employment; the representation may be filed at the office of the Director General nearest to the place of employment from which the workman was dismissed.” (The Law on Unfair Dismissal; Section 20 (1) of the Malaysian Industrial Relations Act, 1967).

The changing environment of employee management

Malaysia, with its good physical infrastructure system, export (varied) sector, fin tech, and professional services, is currently aiming towards global competitiveness and employee management. As a result of the changing employee behaviour and management landscape, there is a need for small businesses to develop strategies with which to cope with the current changes and demands with employee management. The ever-increasing burden of litigation by employees against small businesses is a dark cloud that hangs over business operations and rouge management practices. To be proactive; will require a rethink or review of existing people management practices more than ever.

The Growing Role of People Managers in HR

After many years in HR and business transformation consulting, along with senior management corporate roles and understanding the landscape of Malaysia in human resource management (HRM), we decided to launch a Post Graduate Certificate qualification in Labour Law and Industrial Relations Management. With this experience we observed that many managers needed to enhance their human resource and people management skills,

Leadership Mindset Change to Adopt Digitization

Despite digitization, most enterprises still hold strongly with the traditional prescriptive methods which include a visible hierarchy of structure, command, functions, appropriate controls, and standardized processes. Digital technologies continue to change the way we work as well as reshape industries and companies. The reason is not farfetched from its benefits to make organizations keep up with, if not soar above, competitors.

Importance of Design Thinking in Leadership

Every day comes with its distinct challenges, especially in the aspect of sales and customer relationship management in marketing. These challenges hinder many companies from meeting the changing needs of their customers. This necessitates the need to identify those critical problems, articulate them, as well as proffer solutions to them – hence, the need for design thinking. Since its application in business, it has helped overcome a lot of challenges and resulted in improved customer satisfaction. The reason is not farfetched from its focus on creativity and collaboration.

Development of Organization with Agile Leadership

The struggle by many organizations to become more agile is a result of the conflict between an organization’s existing stable structures and processes, and its proposed speed and flexibility. Organizations undergo an agile transformation to increase predictability and speed of providing value to customers, to create a culture of focus, innovation, and engagement, and to adapt to as well as leverage on market changes. Start-ups and large organizations aim to grow speedily but are often hampered by bureaucracy. A truly agile organization is both stable and dynamic.

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Of recent, the number of reported cases on workplace sexual harassment has been alarming. In many organisations, employees are sexually harassed and oppressed by their employers or higher-ranked employees. This issue has to be addressed and curbed to reduce the psychological effect on the victims, give prospective employees a sense of sexual security, foster a good working environment and enhance the organisation’s productivity.
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Dr. Roy is the Dean of Grad School Asia and holds responsibility for the overall strategic management & leadership in achieving the graduate schools’ vision & goals. His own belief for lifelong learning, as well as his drive for business management excellence, has brought him to achieving his passion for being part of the postgraduate education sector in Malaysia. He is also the GM Head of HR at Ibiden Electronics Malaysia.