Managing Misconduct & Conducting Domestic Inquiry

There is always pressure on people managers and HR professionals to handle.

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1 Day

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Dr Roy Prasad
Dean Grad School Asia


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There is always pressure on people managers and HR professionals to handle and manage misconduct effectively and efficiently. This interactive day program is essential for all people managers to engage and get qualified in changing their game or approach to manage major and minor misconduct issues as seamlessly and in compliance with the law.

Who is this for

* Any person that manages people

* Business Owners & entrepreneurs

* Persons that want to learn the right way to handle misconduct and do a Domestic Inquiry

* HR Professionals / Practitioners

What you will learn

* Handling and dealing with Minor and Major Misconduct

* Importance of Code of Conduct and ensuring the right implementation.

* How to handle grievance and sexual harassment

* Ensuring right methods, processes, and documentation is utilized should there be termination and/or restructuring of employment, in compliance with the provisions of Malaysian Labour Law.

* Understanding and know what documentation to use, when, why, and how.

* The Disciplinary Procedure in line with Law of Natural Justice

* Apply People Management exercises in undertaking right disciplinary actions addressing employee misconduct.

Learning Outcome

* As a manager takeaway strategies that can be applied in the workplace in managing staff and or team misconduct matters, effectively and in compliance with the Industrial Relations law.

* Able to put in place the key policy, procedures, methodology, and documentation necessary for managing people grievance and disciplinary (misconduct) matters at the workplace.

* Apply and practice with compliant processes and documentation in managing misconduct matters.

* Understand the various Industrial Relations act clauses in Malaysia and how it applies to the workplace when dealing with Misconduct.

* Able to put in practice the right methodology, documentation, and communication in conducting a Domestic Inquiry. Plus managing the processes after it to ensure compliance with the law.



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