The School of Business, Accounting & Management, Genovasi University College (SBAM) in partnership with UK Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) introduces students to knowledge, skills and conceptual frameworks to enhance their professional skills and understanding of management, characterised by conditions of complexity and uncertainty, where judgment and related accountability are defining capabilities.

Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management & Administration 1


The qualification will enable participants to make a real difference within respective management practice through active use of frameworks, theories and tools. It will help in developing a good grounding in the theory and practice of managing and leading, covering the core functions and disciplines of management and helping to make the connections between them. It also provides a framework for a process of professional development.
Course participants will be challenged to actively engage with a wide variety of ideas and develop a repertoire of techniques and approaches best suited to their own situation and management context. This is a practical, hands-on qualification which develops entrepreneurial and innovative approaches to managing a business. This qualification will help participants in selecting and adapting techniques and approaches appropriate to situations, and to reflect critically on their own and others’ practice
Participants will explore diverse perspectives and approaches in different organisational culture and global context, and will increase their ability to work confidently across sectoral and national boundaries. This qualification will also enhance the ability of participants to plan and implement change which will have real impact within respective organisational context

Course Units

Managerial Economics
  • Use the rational-actor paradigm to predict firm and individual behaviour.
  • Compute the relevant costs of any decision.
  • Use marginal analysis to make extent (how much) decisions.
  • Make investment decisions that increase firm value


Introduction / Cost & Pricing Analysis / Macroeconomics Analysis of Managerial Decisions

Accounting For Decision Making
  • Analyse respective organisation’s financial and accounting objectives and the importance of these in the context of the organisation’s overall objectives.
  • Identify and implement appropriate financial analysis tools to determine whether an organisation’s financial objectives are being met.
  • Develop a financial plan which can be used as part of the strategic planning process


Introduction to Accounting and Finance concept / Measuring and Reporting Financial Performance / Cash Flow
Statements and Performance Measurement / Cost Volume ProfitAnalysis and Costing / Budgets and Capital Investment Decisions / Working Capital and Financing

Organisational Behavior
  • Explain the development of early management thought particular reference to work of F.W.Taylor, H. Fayol and M Weber.
  • Describe the concept of a behavioural approach to management and recognise the value of behavioural science in
    understanding organisational behaviour.
  • Outline the importance of the individual’s contribution to the organisation and factors affecting behaviour. Recognise the significance attitudes, their functions, change and measurement with reference to the culture of the organisation.
  • Appreciate the major difficulties in studying personality and approaches taken.
  • Define motivation and understand how people are motivated in different ways.


Organisational Behaviour And The Science / Perception / Learning / Motivation / Personality / Frustration / Nature /
Structure of Work Environments / The School of Thought / Groups at work / Leadership / Communication, Change and

Strategic Management
  • Understand and apply the strategic analysis to formulate strategic alternatives
  • Understand how strategic alternatives are selected, implemented, evaluated and controlled to meet the organisational


Fundamentals Of Strategic Management & Introduction To Strategic Management / Strategic Management Model / Roles Of Top Management In Strategic Management / Strategy Formulation / Strategic Analysis Environment Analysis / Industry Analysis Internal Analysis / Competitive And Portfolio Analysis / Strategy Selection, Implementation, Evaluation & Control Internal Analysis / Strategy Implementation / Strategy Evaluation And Control.


A minimum of 5 years organisational experience (Without a Degree) OR

A minimum of 3 years organisational experience with a Degree or Diploma from a recognised institute

Must be 25 years and above

Mature age entry with at least 5 years management experience.

As the course is conducted in English, applicants must have a PASS in English under Malaysian SPM Standard

Those who do not possess a pass in English, are required to take an online English test.

Registration Procedure

Application forms must be accompanied by:

An application processing fee of RM 300.00 (nonrefundable)

Updated resume

Education qualifications including transcript of results, certificates and other supporting documents

A copy of identification card

One passport size photograph

Course Fees & Details

RM 8500

per student

Contact us

to ask about
payment by installments



What Our Students Say

“The training was very inspiring, energizing, bringing a lot of ideas and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and the practical exercises were useful in offering ‘hands-on’ experience. I would recommend this course to anyone working in or interested in this field.”
Alicia Wong

SEA recruiter, HB Fuller

“I want to express my personal appreciation to GUC & Prof Dr. Roy Prasad during the 3 classes I have attended thus far for the Industrial Diploma in Labour Law & Industrial Relations Management Course.
Textbooks can prescribe writing basics, but there’s no replacement for a lecturer that can say, ‘This is what I do and it led to these results.’ Prof Roy Prasad is a dynamic and charismatic lecturer and his consultative approach to HR helped me to arrive to the right decisions.
Seize the opportunity. You won’t regret taking the classes, but you might regret not making yourself better when you had the chance.”
Mel Anselm

Gastrodome Management Services Sdn Bhd

Dr. Roy Prasad is a very knowledgeable and engaging presenter. Best speaker, encouragement, and information were valuable, activities to do in class, practical management strategies, positive reinforcement, resources and very interactive. Excellent discussion and had a great opportunity on practical approached in managing people and Industrial Relations matters. Now I have an idea and information to improve HR strategies in my career.
Nur Akhmam

Assistant HR Manager

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